Respect Yourself. Be Drug Free.

Nashua Prevention Coalition is inviting the entire Nashua community to partner with us in Red Ribbon Week®, the National Family Partnership’s Anti-Drug Campaign, held each October 23rd – 31st since 1986.

Celebrating 2015 Red Ribbon Week®

Respect Yourself

We are once again kicking of Red Ribbon Week at the Gate City Fall Festival. Be sure to stop by our booth at Holman Stadium on Saturday, October 17th! We will have lots of goodies to share, including the 2015 theme, which is “Respect Yourself. Be Drug Free.” This is a simple message that can be shared by everyone.

We are grateful to have the commitment from schools, businesses, medical centers, city and youth serving agencies and many others to promote this campaign. Please take a moment to notice red ribbons and signs placed throughout the city. These are being installed by youth in celebration of this substance misuse prevention effort. We care about our kids and we want them to see consistent messaging about the value of making healthy choices.

Red Ribbon Week also gives parents the perfect opportunity to talk to their kids about making healthy choices and quite frankly, the dangers of using alcohol and other drugs on the developing brain. The younger kids start dabbling in brain altering substances, the greater the risk of addiction.

“Studies show that kids who learn about the risks of drugs and alcohol from their parents and caregivers are up to 50% less likely to use drugs and alcohol than those who do not.” (

There are many ways to participate in Red Ribbon Week®. Simply display the message on your sign or download the toolkit at   There is something for everyone! We would like to publicly acknowledge all community organizations that participate in this campaign, so please contact Monica Gallant at to share your event and/or activity.

Nashua Prevent Coalition is a recipient of the Drug Free Communities grant, which provides $625,000 over a five year period to combat youth alcohol and other drug use. To learn how you can be involved in the Nashua Prevention Coalition, please contact Project Director, Janet Valuk at or Project Coordinator, Monica Gallant @, visit, and please “like” us on Facebook. United Way of Greater Nashua is the coalition’s fiscal agent.