“Healthy Kids Grow Healthy Communities”

I pledge to support a Nashua Community that helps youth grow up healthy, happy, and substance-free by:

• Having open, nonjudgmental communication
• Being loving, supportive, and compassionate
• Leading by example and being a role model
• Spending time with family regularly
• Taking regular technology timeouts
• Educating and learning from one another

Individuals or Families who have signed the pledge and committed to supporting happy, healthy, substance-free youth!

  • Kameo Chasse
  • Janet Valuk
  • Janeth Orozco-Sanchez
  • Marissa Carlson
  • Michael Apfelberg
  • Tracy Monbleau
  • The Gingras Family
  • Albee Budnitz
  • Sandra Pratt and Family
  • Linda Lennon
  • Rebecca Lerner
  • Taylor Paquette
  • Rosemarie Dykeman
  • Steven White
  • Nicole Viau
  • Sue Haas
  • Julie Yerkes
  • The Verington Family