There are three main data sources that drive the activities of Nashua Prevention Coalition. The Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) is completed every-other-year by 9th to 12th graders at both of Nashua’s public high schools. In 2017, we worked closely with Nashua School Board to launch the YRBS for 7th and 8th graders, as well. The resulting data gave us a clear picture of how risky behaviors increase, as students get older, as well as concerns around depression and thoughts of suicide. Stay tuned for a snapshot of the 2019 Youth Risk Behavior Data!

In addition, Nashua Prevention Coalition also conducts specific Surveys and Focus Groups to help identify challenges in the community and possible solutions. As many of you know, vaping has become a significant concern not only in Nashua, but across the nation. We had students in health classes at Nashua High School North and Nashua High School South take a brief survey prior to our vaping presentations in Spring 2019. Here are the results!

Click for 2017 Youth Risk Behavior Survey results

Click for 2019 Vaping Survey results