Nashua’s young people are using alcohol and drugs at alarming rates, according to the 2013 Youth Risk Behavior Survey conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. After several successful collaborative initiatives, the Nashua Prevention Coalition was awarded a $125,000 Drug Free Communities Grant in 2013 for each of five years to help reduce alcohol, marijuana and prescription drug use among youth in Nashua.

Our Logic Model and Action Plan to address these concerns were developed after extensive training and collaboration. SAMHSA, the grantor, recommends a blend of seven strategies to achieve success:

Provide information ● Build skills ● Provide Support ● Increase access/reduce barriers ● Provide incentives/ disincentives ● Adapt physical design ● Modify policies.

Our coalition gathers monthly to share ideas and resources toward implementing the plan. We look forward to meeting you as we work together as a community!

Jan Valuk, Project Director and Kameo Chasse, Coalition Coordinator

Click here for our brochure in Spanish!

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